I help executives who get called bullies, jerks and other interesting names to drive results without damaging relationships. My goal is to help you protect yourself and your team while taking performance to an even higher level.  My name is Jordan Goldrich and I am one of these people. I once lost a job because I was experienced as disrespectful. I realized I needed to change and I have.

Today, people still think that I need to be more tactful and diplomatic. In fact, I occasionally get accused of disrespect. However, the people who knew me 30 years ago think I am a different person. It’s a journey.

In my experience, most of these executives have a warrior spirit that is needed in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment. Clearly, their warrior spirit can also have an unintended negative impact.

Have you noticed that it is currently ok for speakers and authors to call these executives demeaning names like asshole, jerk and bully? This, because they want them to be more respectful. Somewhat ironic or even hypocritical don’t you think? 

So, how did I get here and why would you want to consider my perspective? As I said above, I am one of these people and lost a job because of it. I experienced the consequences and decided to change.


Growing up among working class people, I developed four core values: integrity, results, accountability, and getting to the truth- what’s real. Like many people who get labelled abrasive, I don’t feel good about myself if I, or a team I lead, is not successful. I reacted defensively with frustration, anger and judgement. This was experienced as disrespect.

My biggest lesson from getting fired is that I need to be respectful to people even when my brain is telling me they don’t deserve respect. This is partly because all people are human beings who, just like me, are imperfect and experience pain and suffering. Part of my mission is respecting their humanity and treating them with compassion. However, this does not mean letting them off the hook for the impact of what they have said and  done. The challenge is to speak powerfully, hold people accountable and treat them with respect and compassion at the same time.


My current mission is to help no-bullshit executives be authentic, protect themselves and take team performance to an even higher level.


I am also committed to helping their bosses and human resources better understand their wiring so they can work with them to address the workplace risk they may represent. Believe it or not, part of my goal is to help people enjoy working with them (and me).

© 2020 by Jordan Goldrich

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